Renovation and Construction
We don’t only sell properties.
We also help you to realize your projects and dreams.

When we arrived in Leros back in 2001, things were a bit more difficult.

Back then, two houses were built for us, and although they turned out fine in the end, it wasn’t easy!

If you wanted to accomplish a project back then, you had to be here, and you would have to master the local language and understand the mentality differences.

This brought us to believe that we could be of great help to people who would like to do the same.

Having carried out quite some projects in Leros, we are confident to be able to help you realize all your dreams, without the worries.


Designs and ideas

We have in-house design capabilities, 3D-design (CAD), and we easily understand the taste of our clients and we co-operate closely with different architects.


To accomplish your project, we use a mix of local building companies and our own workforces, to guarantee the best price and top quality.

Quality is our top priority, we don’t cut corners! High quality materials, professionally installed, no compromises.

Not only do we manage/supervise the complete project, we are specialists in financial planning and time management.

We don’t make promises we can’t deliver!


By using local products and sustainable building materials, we hope to play a part in nature conservation and ecology.
Leros has a lot of skilled workers and pretty advanced manufacturers. We always try to support the local economy whenever we can.

These examples give you an idea of our capabilities:

Project Gourna Has been a personal project, it is one of our own properties in Leros. This house was in reasonable condition, but lacked modern commodities and needed a serious cosmetical make-over.