About Leros

Leros – the island of Artemis – a location of unspoiled beauty, has a surface of 53 square kilometres with a coastline of 71 kilometres. The “popular” natural gulfs and beaches do not affect the authenticity and charm of the Island. Many of the picturesque villages are built on the hill sides all around Leros, but the highest concentration is at the centre. A trip around of the island is full of surprises and each corner is worth the discovery.There’s a large number of surrounding islets that make boat trips very enjoyable. They are very popular among sailors and boat trips are organized during the season. As Leros is not fully dependent of the tourist income, it has a life of its own that continues in winter and makes life very pleasant all year round. Many foreigners have chosen Leros as their home. The Island has a very rich history, and those who can appreciate it, will discover there are stories and myths under every rock they’ll flip. Remains and traces of the second World War and more ancient history can be found everywhere.

What to do in Leros?

  • 300 days of sunshine per year
  • Plenty of beautiful beaches where you can swim in the warm Aegean Sea
  • Remote beaches on many islets that are only accessible by sail- or motorboat, try the local organized trips
  • The green mountains and their hiking trails just invite you to discover the island on foot
  • Cycling: several foreign groups have already discovered this opportunity
  • The Lerian dance group Artemis has regularly shows and invites you to join them
  • Winter: plenty of sun with temperatures that never go below zero
  • Scuba diving: explore the Aegean Sea with a professional instructor
  • The specific architecture of Leros, especially Lakki, is a delight to the eye
  • Art & painting: plenty of opportunities to practice and develop your skills
  • Visit the archaeological museum in Agia Marina
  • Visit the World War II cemetery and museum
  • Pay a visit to the Bellini tower
  • The Castle, its library and the Orthodox museum

Everything you want to know about Leros

How to get there

BY AIR – Olympic Air flies directly from Athens International Airport (E.Venezelos) to Leros. The flight time is 45 minutes, 1-2 flights daily, 7 days a week. There are also flights to Leros from: Rhodes, Kos, Kalymnos and Astypalaia.

BY SEA – Blue Star Ferries has regular ferry sailings from Piraeus (Athens) to Leros, taking about 8-10 hours sailing time, leaving from terminal E1. Leros is also connected all year round with the other islands of the Dodecanese (Rhodes, Symi, Kos, Kalymnos, Patmos and Lipsi) by the catamarans of Dodecanese Seaways. During the summer season there are connections with hydrofoils of Aegean Flying Dolphins from Kos. There is also a regular ferry connection with the Nissos Kalymnos from and to Kalymnos and Samos, up to 4 days a week.